Solar Panels

Off Grid Solar System Canada

Additional planning and reviewing of your power needs will be important to allows us to help create a off grid solar system that supports your needs.

Calculating energy requirements

Reviewing the types of appliances or equipment you use and how often you use them will help us plan a system for your power requirements.

Design for future upgrades

Due to home / cabin expansion or an initially lower budget you may start with a smaller off grid solar system and add on over time. We design our projects and use products that allow a smooth transition.

Solar integration

Since solar photovoltaic systems cannot provide enough energy to heat our homes in cold winters we can help you review and integrate other components to meet heating requirements. These items include wood boilers, heat pumps, solar thermal, and gas heating.


We offer system integration design and can help you source and install a generator. Sizing the output and type of generator will help make sure all your energy needs are met whether its propane, natural gas, or diesel. We can do it all!

Grid Tied Solar System

How selling power works

When you produce more power than your household is using, the excess power is sold to the utility at a much lower rate than you would purchase at. A bidirectional meter from the utility is required.

Battery benefits

Batteries allow you to store excess power when solar production is high rather than selling at a lower price to your utility company. When solar production is low you can then use the stored energy instead of buying power at the much higher rate. Another benefit of having a battery is having piece of mind, knowing, when there is a power outage you’ll still have power!


System software monitors power usage and production which provides information on the overall function of your system. This can then be accessed from anywhere in the world.


We want to give you piece of mind by giving 3 years warranty on our labour! In the rare chance something happens we will stand by our install and products.

Ground mount vs Roof mount

Ground mount – Variable angle, more efficient, avoids roof penetrations.

Roof mount – More cost effective, smaller footprint, avoids ground disturbance.