Solar System Batteries

Battery technology has vastly improved over the last few years. By combining batteries with solar power this wasted energy can now be stored to use at a later time.

Pros and Cons of each type

Flooded – Low cost, high maintenance, long life

AGM – Medium cost, no maintenance, medium life

Lithium – High cost, no maintenance, longest life


Cold temperatures can affect battery life and storing capacity. Our design and installation will ensure the batteries to work to their full potential.

Each type of solar system batteries has its own set of pros and cons to consider when selecting the best option for your solar system. Flooded batteries are the most affordable option, but they require regular maintenance, such as adding distilled water and checking electrolyte levels. On the other hand, AGM batteries are a medium-cost option that requires no maintenance, making them more convenient.

Lithium batteries are the most expensive option, but they have the longest lifespan and require no maintenance. They are also more efficient in terms of charge and discharge cycles, meaning they can store more energy and last longer.