Sustainable, Reliable, Affordable Solar Energy Canada

Be Green | Gain Energy Independence | Save Money


Greener Homes Federal Grant

Up to $5,000

Efficiency Manitoba New Home Rebate

Up to $12,000

Canadian Renewable Tax Write-Off

100% First Year

Clean Technology Investment

30% Tax Credit

Efficiency Manitoba

Business – $.50/W up to $25000

CHMC Greener Homes

0% interest – $40,000 loan

Efficiency Manitoba

Residential – $.50/W up to $5000

Clean Electricity Investment

15% Tax Credit

Why Solar?


Solar energy Canada is the most sustainable resource on the planet.

Adds Value To Your Home

The energy savings provided by solar translate into better value for your home.

Rising Electricity Costs

Electricity costs are projected to increase at least 5% per year in Canada.

Environmentally Friendly

Solar panels generate 30 times more power during their lifetime than required to manufacture them.

Saves Money

Producing solar energy Canada significantly reduces yearly energy costs.

Peace of Mind

Combining batteries with solar power gives you energy security during power outages.

More Affordable Than Ever

New rebates, grants, tax write-offs and government loans makes solar more achievable.

Grid Tied Solar

Off Grid Solar


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